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Before and After VCT Strip and Refinish

Professional Floor Care

Regular floor care is imperative to extending the life of your flooring. Regular schedule cleanings along with set preventative care schedule mean your floor will last longer, look better, and maintain the clean and professional look you want.

VCT Flooring.png

Vinyl Composite Tile

VCT Flooring is the most common floor covering that is used in commercial & industrial settings. If not properly maintained it will lose its luster and deteriorate rapidly. 

Burnishing Programs

Periodically a full floor burnish is recommended to keep the shine of your floor bright.


Strip & Wax

VCT Flooring requires wax to maintain its durability, sheen, and life. Often neglected due to chemical and mess.

Concrete Floor

Give your concrete floors a new lease on life with a full service cleaning.


Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is also a very common flooring that consist of a porous grout & tile. With the proper abrasion and chemical, we are able to revitalize your flooring


Luxury Vinyl Tile

Daily sweep and mop will help maintain these floors. We can get down deep in the floor texture and remove soil with a Luxury Vinyl Cleaner and our Counter Rotating Brush system.

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