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Cleaning Tables

Disinfectant Services

Virucide Disinfection

We truly believe we are offering the most thorough disinfection process on the market. The most important step in any disinfection program is Cleaning!! So many fly-by-night companies are spraying, misting or fumigating an area and calling it good. Those applications alone are not achieving a true disinfection and could be causing more harm than good. Our procedure was created with health and safety in mind, not only do we disinfect all surfaces but we have the ability to disinfect the contaminated air inside our customers' facilities without the use of chemicals.

Our Virucide Disinfection Program includes:

  • Testing for microbial contamination on hard surfaces before and after disinfectant service with (ATP) meter.

  • Sanitizing and cleaning all high touch areas with Spartan neutral cleaner.

  • Disinfecting all hard and soft surfaces with an electrostatic sprayer and Spartan Disinfectant.

  • Disinfecting air within area FDA Approved Novaerus Defend 1050 AirScrubber.

  • Using only EPA-approved chemicals on-site with MSDS sheets available.

Our disinfection services are offered for both preventative “Pre Covid-19” and Decontamination “Post Covid-19.” Preventative disinfection services can be weekly, monthly, or a one-time service.

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